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    Nick Foster

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the feedback and for raising your concerns. Let me address them each:

    1. The screenshot you provided showing the information about Creately I think is from a view or edit link for your diagram generated from the Share tab in the editor. Is that how you generated the URL? Let me know if not. I have checked and it looks like the About Creately information is only shown to non-logged in users. If a user is logged in (team member or not) they will not see the info. We put the info there for user awareness but also to help explain what the user is looking at.  We could potentially remove it to the bottom of the side panel but removing it completely would be unlikely at this time.

      It was a little unclear from your first point but did you also want to get right of the whole sidebar with the diagram information? Also the header you are referring to is the diagram title bar?

      Regarding the edit button I think you may have generated an edit link rather than the view link which is why you're non-admin members are seeing it. Or if using the view link and a non-admin member who has had the diagram shared with them will also see the edit link as if they opened the editor they would be able to edit.

      It sounds like you just looking for an empty webpage with the diagram viewer in it and nothing else. Does this sound correct? if it does we can look to add a different mode for this. But right now as a work around you might be best using the Publish tab and the Embed in Web Page option and place the diagram in a web page of your own.

      If I have missed something here let me know and perhaps share a certain diagram name with me so I can look up how it is configured.
    2. Adding your company logo to white-label these sort of pages is a nice idea and something we could possible do in the future to allow you to personalize Creately further. I will get it added as a future idea.
    3. I see you made a similar point re link targets here: to which I responded. As I mentioned it is important but right now I don't have a firm timeline. The Dev team are currently working on some other features and I will strive to get this feature added as the next priority after they complete their current work in the coming weeks. We obviously have multiple pulls on the team and this is the best I can say at this stage.
    4. We don't offer a free trial of Creately Desktop by default which is why you haven't been able to find any keys. I'd be interested to know which page mentions a temp key as that is obviously wrong. However if you'd like a trial I can arrange it separately for you. Please email with the number of people you'd like in the trial. By default the trial would be 30-days.
    5. I'm sorry for the collaboration issues. I presume you are referring to real-time collaboration. This obviously needs looking in to. However to do so we will need to be able to reproduce the issue. Next time it happens please can the person experiencing the problem press Ctrl+F7 on Windows or Fn+Cmd+F7 on Mac and send the debug output to with at least a screenshot and if possible a screen video showing the issue and details of what was being attempted at the time. We do take collaboration issues very seriously so this information will be used to resolve the problem.

    Let me know if the above makes sense and do send specific info about your diagrams or the collaboration issue directly to



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    Peter Santiago

    Hello Nick,

    I appreciate the immediate and curteous response. This kind of service speaks volumes about your organization and product. After playing around with the product I was able to resolve a few outstanding issues all the while impressing my peers with how it easy it is to draft and collaborate on schematics. In response to the bulleted items:

    1. I don't want to promote the entire development and management team as editors. Too many "chefs" in the pot as you could imagine. I would like non-admins to view prototypes without the advertisements, is that possible or not an option at this time? I have a very large team, and the spam alone will make people nervous during testing. If it cannot be avoided then I'll have them brace for impact..

    2. Thanks a million! This would help to communicate proposals with customers who are niether admins or internal viewers of the Creately

    3. I ran a test with Chrome and Firefox users and apparently they do get the scroll bars. Infact, a new tab is created with each click in my custom UI. I suspect that it may be a browser specific bug.My apologies for the repeat inquiry. My tickets are still coming up as unacknowledged.  I think we can consider this matter closed. I am happy this works as intended.

    4. See attached image for a visual of the link to the application, and subsequent key request. Essentially I clicked on the link, downloaded the application, went to use it when I was prompted for a key. I clicked on the link to obtain a key and redirected to a page that no longer exists. I would very much like a key to try the PC version. It would be for my personal use to create large scale displays to then share via Creately online which I assume is possible correct?

    5. I had the affected end users download the latest version of Flash, and this seemed to have done the trick. While the issue is now closed many have asked why couldn't a good tool like this be built upon HTML5 or silverlight. Many engineers are not taking a shining to Flash. I can't blame them considering that what we are developing to is largely HTML5. I take it that the tool will one day be HTML5 friendly?

    Thanks again for your patience and immediate support. I am starting to really enjoy the tool, and look forward to continue using it.




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    Peter Santiago

    Forgive the spam. I forgot to add the link image.

    Also, I have few unanswered tickets (over 24 hours in queue). Is this the appropriate forum to get questions answered or can I still us the support link to mitigate them?


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    Nick Foster

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the followup. Your support tickets will be done shortly - we've just been really busy. Sending specific questions to is normally the best option for direct support.

    To address the points:

    1. Right now there is no option to remove the advertising unfortunately this will require development work. I have recorded the idea and we'll see what we can do for the future. I have also asked our QA team to recheck how the Enable View Link URL behaves in team plans to ensure it is as expected.
    2. I have logged this for future improvement.
    3. Noted
    4. OK this makes sense now. I think there is just some confusion here in the text "I haven't tried Creately before. I want to try Creately Online for free". It looks like the links are broken and we will have to update those. But also it is supposed to mean that you can try Creately using Creately Online as the functionality for drawing diagrams is the same between Creately Online and Creately Desktop. It isn't supposed to imply there is a trial for Creately Desktop. That said my offer of a trial for you still stands as per the last comment.
    5. We started in 2008 and at the time Flash/Flex was the best option. We do have plans to move to HTML5 in the future but right now we are able to do more and do it quicker in Flash. We will re-tool before Flash is no longer used. I shouldn't think Silverlight will get a look in.



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