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    Nick Foster

    Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for the idea. Rotating shapes currently works for some shapes, but as you have found it can sometimes result in strange text rotation. Other shapes can not be rotated because it doesn't make sense to rotate them ie. Class shape from UML set. We are currently working on a major bug fix improvement release and will then evaluate which shapes need their rotation revisiting. In the meantime do you have any particular shapes which are causing you issues?



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    Benjamin Kunz

    I was just going to sketch up a quick UML component diagram to share with colleagues but i'll have to let it go because of this: Interface links cannot be rotated. They can only be drawn horizontally.

    In this case this makes it actually pretty much impossible to draw a component diagram in a sane way. The shapes in question are really simple and there is absolutely no technical or functional reason why they should not be rotated. Example:


    Maybe it would be a good decision to let the user decide for himself whether or not rotating a shape "makes sense."

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    Benjamin Kunz

    When i said they can only be drawn horizontally i of course meant they can only be drawn vertically, Damnit. ;-)

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    Benjamin Kunz

    Ok scratch that acutally, i found out how to rotate them.


    I am now irritated by three things: 

    - The rotation hover area is well outside the shape's marker frame. It is utterly unintuitive and i only discovered it by accident.

    - The "Angle" property in the properties tab is not editable which further led me to believe the shape could not be rotated.

    - The Text label rotation is broken so even if the shape is rotated, it can not be labeled (can not be used)

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    Shiraz Samsoodeen

    Hi Benjamin,

    Thanks for the comments and I'm sorry for the rotation of the UML interface link caused confusion. But I'm glad you managed to do what you wanted.

    To respond each points of your question:

    1. I tried recreating the issue but it worked fine for me. The rotation hover area is well in placed to the shape's marker frame. Can you send us  a screenshot showing the issue.

    2. I will add this as a feature request so in the near future you can be able to edit manually.

    3. Can you give us more details or show an example of how it's broken. If you can send us a screenshot or a video showing the issue. We can the try to recreate it and resolve it asap.

    If you have any further follow ups please contact us through 



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