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    Nick Foster

    Hi Doug,

    On the ability to link your diagrams together outside of Creately. This is now possible so I thought I'd write to you. We have been hard at work and the initial beta version is ready for deployment. We have now made it possible to use Creately to draw your diagrams / sitemap or mockup and then embed links to URLs or other diagrams. Then when published with the Creately Diagram Viewer the links become hotspots within the viewer and can be clicked to browse the other published diagrams. This enables walkthroughs and easy browsing of diagrams and the work that you have done for a client.

    You can see a basic example here: http://creately.com/diagram/gmsml0a71/Mind%2BMap move your mouse over the parts of the mind-map to see the links, then click to visit them. The diagram is just an example but it gives you an idea of what's possible. We are working on improved examples.

    The entire viewer is written in HTML5 / CSS and Javascript so it is compatible across a large range of devices.

    It would be great to have your feedback.



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    Doug Yeager

    This is an old thread, but by way of feedback:  I have tried using the link function to achieve my ends, but I have not been able to gain user adoption of charts I have designed as an interface for user documentation.

    For instance:  https://creately.com/diagram/gzk058iy1/K2MwtRW3yoqzav4JiC0NajoYy4%3D

    At best, users will navigate the chart once and print hardcopies :<

    To me this is frustrating, for I am left with creating the charts in Creately and pasting them as images in traditional documents.

    Do you have any success stories along this line, users that have managed to extend adoption and getting non-author users engaged in the platform?


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