the button fit to screen doesnt seems to work?



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    Nick Foster

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the posting. That button fits the diagram to the Creately Diagram Viewer area - the area you see with the grey background embedded in the page. What you are observing is the planned behaviour. In your diagram the diagram has fitted to the width of the area as that's the first to be constrained.

    It sounds like what you are after is a full screen view of the diagram so the viewer itself can expand to be the full web page in the wiki when the button is clicked - does this sound right? This is something we have planned and will hopefully be added soon in a future release.



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    michael regelin

    Hi Nick,

    Yes, you are correct. The full screen is what we are after.

    Then I will wait until it will be added to a new release...;-)

    This will be really essential for presenting a diagram for an audiance.






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