Moving a licemse between servers?


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    Nick Foster

    Hi Alan,

    Thanks for the question. You have a Flexible license and as such you can move the license yourself. You need to do the following:

    1. Go to the Creately license page. Do this by logging in as an admin to your Confluence instance and clicking the License link under the Creately for Confluence section in the left hand admin menu.
    2. On the Flexible License page click the Uninstall License button at the bottom of the screen - your instance will contact our server to deactivate the license.
    3. Once complete go to the same Flexible License page on your new instance and enter your Creately Login details and your license key and click to update your license.
    4. Your license will now be installed on your new Confluence instance.

    If you have any issues please email us at



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