Is it possible to attach an association from an object to another association?



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    Hiraash Thawfeek

    Thanks for posting. It is an interesting request you have made. If I understood you correct, in UML there is no notation where you are able to attach an  association to an existing association as far as I understand (Correct me if I am wrong). 

    In Creately we have no feature to interconnect two connectors. However you can make the diagram look like that by doing as shown in the attached video. In the video Class A has and Association to Class B. The Class C is drawn an Association to Class A which actually shows as an Association to the existing Association that Class A and B has. Please have a look at it and let me know if I have understood your question correctly or not.

    If I have misunderstood your requirement, would it be possible for you to explain to me with a screenshot?

    Thanks and Happy Diagraming!


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    Chris Burgess

    Thanks for the reply, and your suggested approach, which is better than what I did.

    However, from what I've read, yes there is such a thing as an association class. See Figure 2.

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    Hiraash Thawfeek

    Thanks for the info Chris. We will keep this in mind for our next iteration of improving UML. 

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