How can i copy & paste objects between different diagrams (confluence plugin)


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    Nick Foster

    Hi Jens,

    Thanks for the post. At the moment copy and paste only works within the application - which is why you can't copy and paste between tabs. Also you are right that the diagram editor can support multiple diagrams and  in Creately Online and Desktop copy and paste does work between tabs. Unfortunately due to the way that the plugin currently works within Confluence it can only open one diagram at a time and so the copy and paste will not be possible inside the app for you.

    A workaround would be to create a single diagram on a template wiki page with the item you want to have in multiple diagrams, then save this diagram CDML to your desktop. You could then import the CDML and hence the object in to the other diagrams when you edit them.

    I will pass on your feedback about copy and paste between objects.



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