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    Nick Foster

    Hi Lesley,

    Thanks for the question. At the current time there isn't a ruler or tab system to align a shape to your page directly.

    As a work around you could create a square guide shape and scale it to the size of the paper. The place your objects on top of it and send the large square to the back so your other shapes appear on top. You can then select both the shapes (selecting the large square first and then holding Ctrl key to click and shape the other shapes) once selected you should see an alignment menu in the contextual toolbar. You can choose the "Align Horizontal Centre" and the "Align Vertical Centre" menu options and it should align the shapes for you with the other shape being in the middle of the larger shape. Once you're happy with the position and don't need to centre any more shapes you can delete the larger guide shape.

    The attached shows what I mean.

    I will also add your idea of a ruler and tab positioning for a future implementation.



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