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    Nick Foster

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the question. The short answer is any public diagram can be a template. As soon as it is made public it can be found in the Creately Diagram Community and used as the basis of a new diagram.

    The longer answer is if you want to make a private diagram a template you need to create a new project and place the diagram in the project. Then you can start a new diagram and from the dashboard click the "Open as library" button for your template project. You'll see the diagrams in the project as a new library from where you can drag the diagrams to your new diagram and start with them as a template.

    This open as a library feature allows you to also create re-usable components for diagrams so if you are always using a certain arrangement of shapes you can set them up as a diagram and put them in your template project and have them available for future diagrams.



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