The Licence Key You Entered Has Exceeded Its Limit



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    Shiraz Samsoodeen

    Hi Mustafa,

    There are a couple of scenarios where you get the following message,

    1. If you're installing the license key on the same machine due to an event like a hard drive crash

    You need to go through a fresh installation of the Creately Desktop app. When you enter the license key you'll get a message "The License Key You Entered Has Exceeded Its Limit" This is because, our system picks that you are trying to re-activate a license key which is already activated. In order to use the license key on the new installation, you need to contact our support by opening a ticket here: We'll then reset the license key at our end and you should be able to re-activate again. 

    2. If you are trying to use a single use license key on multiple machines

    Your Creately Desktop license only allows one installation by default, if further installations are required you should purchase more seats from: 

    However, if you would like to transfer a license key from one machine to another for a single use, Please follow this article: to avoid the following error message. 



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